We’re spending 12 months with this Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, reviewing the stout possession expertise with ongoing updates. For 2019, the Chrysler Pacifica is even handed one of our 12 Most life like Family Cars.

Mom With Pressure

by Lyn Woodward on Would perhaps well likely fair 6, 2019

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Unusual Odometer: 8,702

Most trendy MPG/MPGe: 23.3

Full MPG to this level: 33.72

Maintenance/Provider Expenses: $1,911.64

Days out of Provider: 25

Wow, 646 miles for the rationale that final luxuriate in-up and counting! Sure, I am deliberately milking this for all its charge and seeing acceptable how prolonged I’m succesful of wander forward of filling the Pacifica Hybrid up. Stop tuned individuals, as a end result of I composed maintain 175 miles on the odometer, and I’ve purchased a Stage II charger at the gap of commercial and despite the true fact that I charge by scheme of my customary 120V charger at home, I’m conserving my errands shut.

Gas mileage, alternatively, is now now not what this change is set.

No longer prolonged prior to now, I needed to accumulate to the airport expeditiously. A flight turned into as soon as cancelled, and the replacement flight didn’t allow me time to park off living then take a shuttle and possibility missing my airplane. At the same time as you’ve ever headed to Moab for Easter Jeep Safari, you’ll know why you don’t are attempting to be gradual for that.

So, the choice turned into as soon as for my mother to drive me and given the dispute of her automotive, the Pacifica won out. Most productive topic is my mother’s day to day driver is a 1998 Buick Regal. There isn’t very this kind of thing as a push button start on her automotive. Her shifter juts from the steering column take care of a stalk of celery. After which there’s the plugging it in phase. “Right here is take care of the toaster in my kitchen,” she said. Attach of.

Key fob foibles

Since the Regal is novel satisfactory to maintain the key fob for worthy away unlocking, that phase turned into as soon as straightforward. Nonetheless there are so many alternative buttons on the Pacifica’s that it warranted extra explaining.

The button below the free up opens the rear hatch would possibly perhaps per chance per chance likely maintain to you click it twice. Convenient. The one subsequent to that can start the automotive remotely after pressing it twice. Very helpful. Under these are sliding door shortcuts, but which one is which? Orient the key fob the style the automotive is, lock and free up representing the motive force and passenger seats and that defines your left and appropriate doorways. “Nonetheless you don’t must cessation any of that, Mom. Right free up the door.” I didn’t wretchedness telling her that if she walked as a lot as the automotive with the key in her hand and merely opened the door it would free up for her. TMI.

Mom sat in the motive force’s seat and surveyed. “Where cessation I assign the key?” You don’t. I suggested her to assign it in the center console. Starting a automotive with a button turned into as soon as a odd conception for my mother. Even tougher turned into as soon as that the Pacifica’s start/pause button is tucked to the noble below the steering wheel, making it very now now not liable to survey when you don’t know where to survey for it. I would deserve to defend my fingers crossed she’d take into account where that one turned into as soon as.

Shifter secrets and systems

Explaining the rotary dial shifter turned into as soon as the subsequent job. For my fragment, I’m now now not a fan. Now my mother isn’t one either. Sorry Chrysler, I biased her.

Truth be told, she did attain for the amount knob as soon as, which is painfully shut to it, and it careworn her. It confuses me, I reassured her. She certainly needed to survey at it whenever. As I’ve said forward of, it’s now now not the instinctive stick shifter or stalk older individuals are extinct to and pulls driver level of curiosity. I’ll concede, though, the extra I drive the automotive the extra I’m succesful of feel the three clicks from P to D then then two back to R. Moving no longer distracts me the style it as soon as did, but it’s taken a whereas.

A immense take a look at turned into as soon as getting it out of my tight condominium constructing parking role. Checking rearview mirrors continually trumps cameras, but on this case they’re a bonus. “Right here is a extremely immense automotive,” she says. I exhibit that right here is why I call it The Brick. Nonetheless her Regal isn’t very any wallflower, and with the support of parking sensors and digicam guidelines she backs out of the role and we emerge from the garage.

Joys of EV operation

Driving instruction turned into as soon as minimal. Diversified than explaining what the beeping blind-role detection warnings were, it’s acceptable take care of driving a customary automotive. “Why isn’t it making any noise?” That’s as a end result of it’s an electrical automotive appropriate now, simplest the utilization of energy from the motor and these are still. She turned into as soon as relieved to grab that there wasn’t 100-percent reliance on the electricity phase. Gas engines are a neatly-diagnosed consolation to slightly heaps of drivers. Hybrids are a supreme transition.

She loved the acceleration and the scheme in which gentle the gearing turned into as soon as on the nine-velocity computerized transmission. The Pacifica offers an even, contented saunter no topic its dimension. Mom dug it.

After I drove us to the airport, it turned into as soon as her flip. She slid into the motive force’s seat, adjusted it to her liking and quietly buzzed away.

Just like the noble pupil she is, when she purchased back to my condominium parking role, she plugged The Brick back in. The Uconnect alert on my cell phone confirming its return turned into as soon as comforting. She’d negotiated the congested 405 throughway without incident. She and The Brick were agreeable.

A minute later she texted me telling me as worthy. “I do know.” She turned into as soon as careworn. I told her in regards to the app and my notifications. “Oh, right here is so severely better than my toaster.” 


Hi Tech

by Lyn Woodward on April 22, 2019

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Unusual Odometer: 8,555

Most trendy MPG/MPGe: 23.3

Full MPG to this level: 33.72

Maintenance/Provider Expenses: $1,911.64

Days out of Provider: 25

As you furthermore mght can look, after we cessation these updates we consist of present odometer settings. I practically acceptable purchased up from my seat to coast all of the style out of doorways to take a look at, unless I remembered Uconnect. Uconnect is Chrysler’s mobile app that enables you to join with your automotive. Insist it’s acceptable some gimmicky throw-away extra? Then let me befriend you re-evaluate.

Reviewing automobiles, one hardly ever ever will get a possibility to make exhaust of such things as the mobile app as there merely isn’t time, but as a end result of The Brick (right here is my novel nickname for our prolonged-timeframe 2018 Copper Pacifica) is in our hands for a whereas, we have got got time to strive it out. I downloaded the app from the Apple retailer then needed to accumulate login info by scheme of our contact at FCA, but as rapidly as I purchased the registered e mail, password and PIN, accumulate entry to turned into as soon as straightforward. Face ID with my iPhone Xs makes logging in whenever very straightforward. Except for sure I’m in disguise wearing a hat, glasses and moustache.

From there you furthermore mght can customise your automotive name, hence The Brick. Bettering which notifications you score is straightforward. It is likely you’ll per chance per chance likely also accumulate updates on the automotive’s health as successfully as when it will get plugged in. My mother drove me to the airport final week, dropped me off, then parked it back in my role and plugged it in. The 2nd she did I purchased a notification. She texted me about a minute later explaining the automotive turned into as soon as back agreeable, but I already knew! After her initial thought that I turned into as soon as by some capacity spying on her, she turned into as soon as baffled and amazed. Stop tuned for the subsequent change when I exhibit what it turned into as soon as take care of teaching her how to drive the Pacifica.

Extra than acceptable charge space on hand

It’s huge luminous how worthy time left unless the Pacifica fully costs, but there would possibly perhaps be assorted priceless info you furthermore mght can accumulate entry to remotely as successfully. Tire stress, oil health (and when it’s feeling take care of it’s time for a commerce) and particular person outing info and automotive region are in the palm of your hand. This option is huge when you had teen drivers in the family who exhaust the minivan. It’s straightforward to grab when the automotive is in exhaust and the scheme in which far it’s gone.

If I’m getting shut to the automotive and it’s parked in a wretched role, I’m succesful of robotically start the automotive and free up it. Spacious security feature. I also can also accumulate entry to the horn and lights, which would possibly perhaps per chance doubtlessly freak someone out in the occasion that they were lingering across the Brick. Completely, I’ve seen a cat or two bound out from below it.

Fabricate I exhaust Uconnect each day? No. Nonetheless it no doubt provides cost when I cessation exhaust it, take care of this day when I saved time by now now not having to wander out of doorways. Or does that acceptable impact me sluggish? Don’t retort that.

And, hello, that MPG up high is from two updates prior to now. That’s appropriate, I haven’t needed to luxuriate in up the tank in practically a month, practically 500 miles prior to now, and I’ve composed purchased 201 gasoline miles left to make exhaust of. The Pacifica Hybrid is a mileage machine. 

Some Odds and Non-odds

by Lyn Woodward on April 5, 2019

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Unusual Odometer: 8,094

Most trendy MPG/MPGe: 23.3

Full MPG to this level: 33.72

Maintenance/Provider Expenses: $1,911.64

Days out of Provider: 25

Non-odd: It is likely you’ll per chance per chance likely ogle that the mileage, MPG and MPG to this level don’t commerce worthy on these updates. That’s as a end result of I simplest want to commerce these when the automotive will get filled up with gasoline. Attributable to the wander-in hybrid-ness of the Pacifica.

Extraordinary: After I climb over the Hollywood Hills searching at the battery drain on the Pacifica is take care of sand thorough an hour glass. Nonetheless there’s one thing else I’ve noticed of gradual. After I flip the radio off, I’ve began to ogle the Pacifica isn’t a still minute lady. There’s a whirring noise that sounds take care of a fan in the electrical motor but then there’s also a decrease droning that sounds take care of the gasoline engine contributing the tenor bits of the choral verbalize. I’m beautiful particular it’s continually executed that I believe I acceptable drown it out in overall taking worth of the Harry Bosch series of novels as I wander back and forth by scheme of town.

Extraordinary: Just currently, I purchased notification of a Pacifica Hybrid take. In step with the NHTSA “after the automotive has been running in PHEV propulsion mode, the gasoline-fueled engine also can fair now now not restart successfully resulting in unburned gasoline entering the use catalyst.” In layman’s phrases this kind that we’re working a ability possibility of catching on fire. While the take turned into as soon as launched final tumble, we acceptable purchased ogle on it per week prior to now. This seems as if one thing of this magnitude will deserve to maintain gone out sooner, but per chance which manner our VIN isn’t basically affected and right here is extra of a precautionary measure. Subsequent week this also can fair match into the shop and I’ll serve you posted on the scheme in which it goes. Fingers crossed nothing happens forward of then.

Non-odd: The assorted night the Pacifica came in slightly to hand. I met up with some traffic at an art gallery opening. In conventional LA style all of us drove individually. When we decided to wander out for a bite afterward all individuals piled into the Pacifica and we hit up a neighborhood Thai restaurant. One passenger commented on how worthy she loved the steering wheel in the Pacifica. Qualified devil. I take care of it when all individuals needs to attain with me. I believe take care of the college bus driver.

Extraordinary: The extra I drive the Pacifica Hybrid the bigger it feels. It will also fair be that I’m driving it extra, or that I’ve been driving smaller automobiles in between, but I score myself being extra cautious going round corners, so I don’t curb the wheels. Perhaps I’m acceptable having an Alice in Wonderland 2nd and all the pieces is going to begin afraid subsequent. Stop tuned.

Chrysler Pacifica Versus…

by Lyn Woodward on March 22, 2019

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Unusual Odometer: 7,519

Most trendy MPG/MPGe: 23.3

Full MGP to this level: 33.72

Maintenance/Provider Expenses: $1,911.64

Days out of Provider: 25

It’s been a whereas since I’ve frolicked in KBB’s prolonged-timeframe Chrysler Pacifica. No longer for lack of need, but the minivan’s been slightly popular and too busy to exhaust time with me currently. Fortunately, I purchased in it final week. On legend of our prolonged-timeframe Honda Odyssey leaves us this month, we decided a comparison between the two rectangles on wheels turned into as soon as an correct recommendation, and for my money it reaffirmed one thing I already knew, how huge the Chrysler Pacifica basically is.

Coming into into the motive force’s seat there isn’t very this kind of thing as a comparison in my eyes. Where the Odyssey feels take care of an extinct relative’s prolonged-extinct Sluggish Boy chair, quite too astronomical and tender, the Pacifica’s seats feel take care of elevated quality leather and much extra supportive, severely when embarking on an prolonged lope or being caught in dense Southern California traffic.

The inner layout feels extra deliberate in the Pacifica. The infotainment veil is fully integrated into the center stack and its graphics are huge. The Odyssey’s are appropriate too, but I cessation gain Chrysler’s Uconnect system. If incredibly straightforward and intuitive to operate and customise sounds is fascinating to you, you’ll take care of it, too. Though I gain the Odyssey’s push-button shift mechanism over the Pacifica’s rotary dial model.

Extra in-cabin extras, please

The Pacifica doesn’t compete with the Odyssey by manner of in-cabin extras the form of Honda’s Cabin Scrutinize and Cabin Focus on, allowing the motive force to talk and survey what’s occurring in the back of them, but there’s a phase of me that thinks these systems also can fair be extra of a distraction for the motive force. Nonetheless, when you’re kids are wearing headphones, it’ll also fair be better than having a guardian verbalize or throw Pepperidge Farm Goldfish of their spawn’s direction to accumulate their attention. At the same time as you cessation score the meals-battle methodology, there would possibly perhaps be a vacuum system in our Pacifica acceptable take care of the Odyssey. Trim up on aisle all of them.

Perhaps I’m biased with that rapid torque the Pacifica’s hybrid motor offers, but the driving expertise doesn’t compare for me. Like a flash acceleration from a standstill in the Odyssey supplied tire accelerate and gradual throttle response. The Pacifica spoke back at present to a lead foot on the flooring without complaint from the tires’ touchpoints with the pavement. As soon as each and every are up and working there isn’t that worthy incompatibility. These aren’t exactly powerhouse automobiles, but each and every cessation the job efficiently, though facets again wander to the Pacifica in the gasoline economy column with that 33 miles of pure electrical operation you furthermore mght can accumulate with a stout charge, making its estimated 84 eMPG untouchable. Time to hybridize, Honda!

As for the survey of them, that’s going to be as a lot as the proprietor, but Chrysler’s purchased some beautiful candy extras to jazz up your van. On a recent 2019 loaner we had an $800 S kit that included murky leather interior with the S badging embroidered on the headrests, blacked out 18-hotfoot wheels and assorted murdered-out accents on the roof, grille surround and window moldings. The Odyssey Elite and its floating roofline acceptable don’t lift sexy back to the minivan class. K, that’s pushing it, I do know, but you accumulate what I point out. Streak, Chrysler Pacifica! 

Lifestyles Happens

by Richard Homan on February 18, 2019

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Unusual Odometer: 7,320 miles

Most trendy MPG: 25.1 mpg

Lifetime MPG: 33.8 mpg

Maintenance/Provider Expenses: $1,911.64

Day outing of Provider: 25 days

Or now now not it’s beautiful horrible how worthy wound a point out extinct Volkswagen Eos can cessation to a Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid. Yep, our immense Copper Pearl-Coat minivan’s rear purchased bumped as it backed out of a driveway by a VW Eos that did now not look it whereas turning left into traffic from the assorted aspect of the avenue.

Nobody damage — that is all that issues — but the condominium below the Pacifica’s liftgate purchased beautiful mangled when the VW brake-submarined under the minivan’s bumper. No warnings went off — that is now now not basically what the rear deplorable-direction detection sensors specialise in — but the bumper did its job beautifully and absorbed lots of the oncoming energy.

On the total, insurance companies would style this out and the repairs would be executed in about per week. Since our prolonged-timeframe Pacifica Hybrid technically belongs to Chrysler, they wished to step in and supervise repairs. That intended a series of approvals and such that saved the Pacifica out of our like a flash for approximately 25 days.

Full cost for the repair turned into as soon as $1,911.64, the lion’s fragment of which turned into as soon as taken up by labor — $918.05 — and the rear bumper hide incorporating the ParkSense rear park-serve sensors and tech — $671.00. Fortune preferred our Pacifica in that the rear hatch turned into as soon as undamaged and simplest valuable a minute touch-up work.

Now back in stout-time force, our 2018 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Small is ready for added motion, acceptable now now not this kind.


Protect a watch on (Button) Components 

by Steve Lind on February 15, 2019

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Unusual Odometer: 7,259

Most trendy MPG/MPGe: 24.2

Full MGP to this level: 34.1

Maintenance/Provider Expenses: $0.0

Days out of Provider: 0

After about a weeks in the 2018 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid I’ve gotten to attain it severely better and whereas overall, my impressions are appropriate, there are, take care of in any relationship, some character quirks to accumulate extinct to.

The temperature controls on the touchscreen are quite refined to make exhaust of. It is likely you’ll per chance per chance like to pass the arrows up and down, which makes for imprecise adjustment. If I needed even about a degrees commerce, it would take a whereas to accumulate it acceptable appropriate. The touchscreen is either too composed or now now not composed satisfactory and sends the temps from 75 to 68 to Low without hitting anything else in between.

While I perceive they’re regenerative, the brakes on the Pacifica Hybrid are now now not my current. They don’t maintain a extremely responsive feel in that man made, stiff manner regen brakes feel. Completely, they cessation the job, and with kids in the automotive I’m grateful for that, but as someone who enjoys the texture of driving, I desire they’d be improved. I’m particular as the tech progresses so will the execution of said brakes.

I believe this has been addressed in a single other change, but the rotary dial shifter is a assign that must be thrown out with the toddler and bathwater. It pulls driver level of curiosity from the road in rapid shifting scenarios and would possibly perhaps per chance per chance likely be outright dreadful if unintentionally shifting from drive into reverse. Since the amount knob is in shut proximity, on bigger than one occasion I grabbed for the contaminated one and started turning up the transmission. This assign seems unhealthy in my gape.

Diversified than the three nit-picks the 2018 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid proved to be a huge befriend whereas my automotive turned into as soon as in the shop, and if anyone asked me for a advice, of these to score from, the Pacifica is the van to beat, my serve a watch on button components however.

Lengthy-Term Loaner to the Rescue

by Steve Lind on February 8, 2019

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Unusual Odometer: 7,124

Most trendy MPG/MPGe: 24.4

Full MGP to this level: 32.6

Maintenance/Provider Expenses: $0.0

Days out of Provider: 0

As a Kelley Blue E book employee who doesn’t in overall accumulate to take a look at automobiles in the prolonged-timeframe take a look at like a flash I turned into as soon as contented to contribute my strategies in regards to the 2018 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivan I drove whereas my automotive turned into as soon as in the shop.

On the total, I drive a Land Rover, Vary Rover, so you furthermore mght can take into account what a honest shock the gasoline efficiencies of the Pacifica were. Sooner than the Vary Rover, my family drove a Honda Odyssey and loved that automotive. The Pacifica proved every bit as excellent and as huge a utility as our extinct actual.

The general driving expertise turned into as soon as proper. The Pacifica, thanks to the hybrid’s rapid torque, has huge acceleration. It handles take care of a worthy smaller automotive severely when turning, and the blind role warnings and assorted security capabilities basically inspired self assurance. Most of my commuting wander back and forth is local, but I didn’t charge it. The editorial employees turned into as soon as eager to survey what form of hetero gasoline mileage it purchased. 24 mpg is a lovely spectacular number for one thing that will per chance per chance lift that worthy stuff.

One day I took my sons to a Warriors/Clippers game at the Staples Center, about 50 miles north of the Kelley Blue E book areas of work in Irvine, CA. Maneuvering by scheme of LA congestion turned into as soon as straightforward. Completely, my strategies turned into as soon as relaxed with the boys fully the utilization of the game displays on the back of the front seat headrests. This option particular makes for contented fogeys in the middle of tense commutes.

At any time after we purchased into the Pacifica I made the boys exhaust a favorable seating configuration, acceptable for fun. The third-row stow and wander feature made that successfully-organized straightforward. They would possibly perhaps per chance cessation it themselves. It’s too immoral the 2nd row doesn’t operate in that manner, too, though I believe it’s as a end result of the hybrid battery rests under these seats, so that they’re fastened.

Out of the gate, my family offers the Pacifica a six-thumbs up. And if I had three thumbs I’d assign that one up, too for the very chilly Copper exterior color. 


Commuter Countdown

by Jason Allan on January 25, 2019

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Unusual Odometer: 6,752

Most trendy MPG/MPGe: 25.1

Full MGP to this level: 37.9

Maintenance/Provider Expenses: $0.0

Days out of Provider: 0

Riddle Me This

How can it take me exactly an hour to accumulate to the gap of commercial in the morning, but simplest eight minutes to accumulate home? Hint: I even maintain school-age kids. Ah, the joys of piling bleary-eyed pre-formative years into the automotive whereas composed swallowing that final bite of Cheerios. No, Dad doesn’t take care of getting up this early either, guys, but all of us maintain responsibilities.

My wander back and forth isn’t as far as our Government Editor’s, but it’s composed first charge. And even with two school fall-offs extending the route in the morning, our Chrysler Pacific Roam-In covers your complete day on electricity by myself. Despite the true fact that I didn’t maintain accumulate entry to to a charger at the gap of commercial, I would possibly perhaps per chance per chance likely return home in the evening with a great deal of juice to spare. Now, granted, I don’t steal up the kids from school in the afternoons, but per chance there’s one other experiment due, as a end result of I’ll bet if I drive it appropriate, now now not the utilization of too worthy energy on extras take care of the radio, climate controls or driving take care of a velocity demon (as worthy as one can in a minivan) I would possibly perhaps per chance per chance acceptable impact that complete round outing and defend within that 33-mile EV bonus.

For longer journeys, the Pacifica has faithfully shuttled our family to San Diego and Palm Springs, covering the roundtrips of larger than 100 miles whereas returning spectacular gasoline economy in the mid-excessive 20 mpg vary. That simplest a minute makes up for the disappointment felt when the battery charge bottoms out at zero-percent. Whenever you drive a wander-in hybrid there would possibly perhaps be one thing beautiful gratifying about how prolonged to elongate that charge.

Short day to day driving blended with customary prolonged journeys isn’t an weird dispute of affairs amongst minivan homeowners, which is why the wander-in hybrid minivan makes so worthy sense. And in the in the period in-between, the Pacifica Roam-In is the finest game in town. And this comes from a tried-and-precise fan of the Honda Odyssey. Advance on Honda, you’ve been served. 

Winter Summer season Day 

by Jason Allan on January 11, 2019

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Unusual Odometer: 6,536

Most trendy MPG/MPGe: 36.5

Full MGP to this level: 32.4

Maintenance/Provider Expenses: $0.0

Days out of Provider: 0

Seaside Machine

At the same time as you think the Chrysler Pacifica minivan, likely it’s now now not the most fundamental automotive that comes to strategies when driving down a coastal road on a sunny day. Perhaps a convertible with the head down seems extra apropos. Nonetheless I’ll wager the Pacifica also can fair be regarded as one of the critical better automobiles, and now now not acceptable as a end result of it’s named after a exiguous surfing town tucked below San Francisco alongside the northern California coast.

Granted the weather is lovely appropriate Twelve months-round right here in coastal Southern California, but one joy we don’t accumulate to totally expertise is that first warm sunny day after months of unrelenting chilly and wet in beautiful worthy the relaxation of the nation. That’s when parks and patios luxuriate in up, sleeves and hems shorten, convertible tops attain down, and town is stuffed with a palpable sense of relief, delight and camaraderie. I’ve witnessed it first-hand in Seattle and Chicago, and I understand it’s a fashionable phenomenon across the northern stretch of the nation and much beyond our borders.

Nonetheless after an unusually wet and frigid spell — our coldest in 60 years – a prolonged-yeaned for seaside day turned into as soon as an severely welcome one. As a cathartic and releasing unofficial first day of spring, this turned into as soon as about as appropriate as it will get round right here.

I turned into as soon as pleased to maintain taken the Pacifica Roam-In for the weekend, as a end result of few automobiles will swallow bikes and seaside gear extra without issues than a minivan. Trucks work successfully, obviously, but minivans serve your things extra get. Most SUVs can defend a motorbike or two but loading bigger than one would possibly perhaps per chance per chance likely be refined. For a stout-featured seaside day, minivans are where it’s at.

So, no, it’ll now now not be a Jeep Wrangler with the head off or a Mazda Miata zipping past the frothing surf, but the Pacifica serves as a huge seaside drive automotive. I acceptable desire this one had a sunroof.


Distinctive Staunch-World Gas Financial system — 46.1 MPG

by Michael Harley on December 29, 2018

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Unusual Odometer: 6,193 miles

Most trendy MPG: 46.1 mpg

Lifetime MPG: 36.2 mpg

Maintenance/Provider Expenses: $0.00

Day outing of Provider: 0 days

Wow, this prolonged-termer caught me all of sudden. While when it comes to every automaker cripples their hybrid gasoline-electrical offerings with exiguous gasoline ability and miniature engines (limiting vary and driving enjoyment), Chrysler suits this minivan with a 3.6-liter V6 and a 16.5-gallon gasoline tank. Tag the battery forward of a road outing and this also can fair lift 30 combustion-free miles. As soon as the battery is exhausted it drives acceptable take care of a frequent six-cylinder minivan — with an electrical serve motor — with a extra-than-real looking 350-plus mile vary. Nonetheless round town, with nightly charging, blended vary is jaw-dropping.

To survey how the hybrid minivan would handle my family’s routine at home — a combination of highway and pause-and-wander wander back and forth with a great deal of local elevation adjustments — I took it home for the two-week holiday season. Lengthy memoir short, it blew my strategies.

I assign 612 miles on the minivan over the direction of 10 days. The driving turned into as soon as a combination of excessive-velocity highway, pause-and-wander highway traffic, city traffic, driving over the Santa Monica mountains to Malibu (with six adults on board), and working errands — exactly what most families would cessation (I even loaded it with a dozen folding chairs and two tables, as I turned into as soon as web webhosting dinner one evening). As anticipated, I charged it every night with a frequent 110-volt wall outlet and its included charger. When the gasoline gauge needle in the slay kissed the crimson, I swung by a gasoline living to luxuriate in it up. The pump shut off at 13.29 gallons — per the 612 miles on the outing laptop, the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid delivered a hand-calculated gasoline economy of 46.1 MPG.

Finally, there are hybrid automobiles that squeeze extra miles-per-ounce of gasoline, but none lift the facility of a V6, the vary of a frequent gasoline tank, and the utility of a seven-passenger minivan with jaw-dropping effectivity. All gasoline-electrical hybrid automobiles needs to be this distinctive.

End to Dwelling

by Lyn Woodward on December 18, 2018

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Unusual Odometer: 4,414

Most trendy MPG/MPGe: 37.5

Full MPG to this level: 34.6

Maintenance/Provider Expenses: $0.00

Days out of Provider: 0

Driving the prolonged-timeframe Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid is a minute little bit of a legend of two automobiles thanks to the wander-in hybrid system.

After I don’t score myself driving to the gap of commercial from my home in Southern California, the Pacifica acts take care of a extremely huge and good golf cart. One charge shuttles me to the grocery retailer, the workout space, even mountain climbing in the Santa Monica Mountains excessive above Los Angeles. There’s large pleasure luminous that I’m driving round a beast whereas now now not the utilization of 1 fall of gasoline. Every morning when I accumulate into the Fortunate Penny, regarded as one of its nicknames as a end result of of its awesome copper color, it’s gratifying to survey the blue charging lights fully lit, and that 100-percent battery life indicator.

Nonetheless, alas, take care of any things, it doesn’t final.

When commuting (and who doesn’t must be at work?), at the starting up set I score myself doing that hybrid driving thing. , that thing hybrid drivers cessation attempting to maximise their mileage, crawling on the throughway and exploiting the regenerative braking to elongate the charge. Finally, that doesn’t final prolonged. Never one to plod in the driving division, I gain to accumulate where I’m going, despite the true fact that which manner gasoline effectivity be damned. My 33-mile EV vary disappears rapid. Blue lights out.

Charging challenges

Charging Coppernicus (one other nickname) when I’m now now not home has proven to be one thing of a dispute of affairs. While at Kelley Blue E book headquarters in Irvine, about 60 miles south of the San Fernando Valley sprawl by which I live, we have got got a excessive-velocity charging living that offers the Pacifica a stout charge in about 2 hours, give or take. I’m succesful of accumulate about halfway home on that if the traffic planets are wisely aligned. That’s worthy now now not as a lot as the 14 hours it takes on 110 volts when charging at my condominium.

There’s a ChargePoint living three prolonged city blocks from my condominium. Unfortunately, there isn’t very this kind of thing as a particular designated parking role for it, so anyone can, and in overall does, park there to exhaust rapid items from the grocery retailer it’s subsequent to. The 2nd closest possibility is the mall. For someone attempting to curtail a retail therapy dependancy, the final space I are attempting to score myself with nothing to cessation for 2 hours is shut to a Bloomingdale’s.

I’ve asked my old condominium constructing supervisor in regards to the odds of getting a excessive-velocity charger installed. All that purchased me turned into as soon as in wretchedness for the utilization of the wander located in the parking garage, the one that the constructing supervisor uses when energy-washing the crud out of the drains. I surmise that the relaxation of the area equally continues to play gain-up with EV technology.

Till then, I’ll want to impact due with sneaking the extension cord across the courtyard after hours. Nonetheless I would possibly perhaps per chance per chance likely look how the logistics of charging would be off-inserting for a non-condominium proprietor who doesn’t maintain a viable charging possibility.

Gas effectivity takes a success

Sadly, this kind infrequently it doesn’t accumulate charged, negatively affecting our overall gasoline economy numbers. My wander back and forth is successfully sabotaging that number as successfully. Perhaps the conclusion is that the Pacifica Hybrid is the minivan for individuals who never want to venture far afield who also luxuriate in their very luxuriate in field.  

We promise to defend you plugged in to all of the most up-to-date updates on the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, so serve checking in right here to be taught extra.

Vegas or Bust

by Lyn Woodward on November 19, 2018

Tag: $47,730  | Tag yours

Unusual Odometer: 4,007

Most trendy MPG/MPGe: 41.38

Maintenance/Provider Expenses: $0.00

Days out of Provider: 0

Just currently the prolonged-timeframe Pacifica Hybrid went on an now now not in point of fact road outing to SEMA, the aftermarket automotive ingredients convention in Las Vegas. A minivan doesn’t exactly bawl a need for aftermarket bits take care of raucous Magnaflow exhausts or over-sized Bilstein shocks, but on a road outing consolation is what I’m after and the Pacifica seemed take care of the finest resolution.

The practically 300-mile outing each and every manner wasn’t going to be a take a look at of how huge our gasoline mileage turned into as soon as the utilization of the wander-in hybrid since we didn’t even accumulate out of the LA County forward of we extinct up the on hand 33-mile electrical charge, so I introduced a colleague alongside and thought I’d exhaust the choice to accumulate her strategies on the Copper Cab (right here is my novel name for it – to fetch a bigger one let me know).

First impressions

“It rides take care of an SUV,” she said. If she turned into as soon as blindfolded she would maintain thought so. The saunter turned into as soon as gentle, contented, but didn’t feel minivan-ish. To her it also felt extra noteworthy than what a minivan would. We each and every attributed its quickness to the electrical motor and the 2nd torque it offers.

Visibility turned into as soon as one other condominium that surprised her. The huge front windshield made for some huge desolate tract landscape sunset spotting, and after we purchased to Vegas some huge neon mild peeping as successfully.

From the within, the finest dumb giveaway that this wasn’t an SUV turned into as soon as the pronounced slope of the A-pillar and likely the true fact that the doorways are farther far from each and every driver and passenger increasing van width. “I believe take care of this would possibly perhaps occasionally likely be smaller, successfully, narrower, and also you’d composed accumulate the utility you’re attempting to score.” I tend to agree that minivans maintain gotten beautiful maxi of gradual.

How in regards to the saunter?

She turned into as soon as blown away by how contented the Pacifica is. “The captain’s chairs are supreme for prolonged journeys, but this leather would be destroyed by a baby within ten minutes.” She turned into as soon as commenting on the sunshine grey color that I talked about in regarded as one of my old posts in regards to the seats being honest but now now not conducive to sticky fingers and sneakers mountain climbing all over them.

“Would perhaps well likely you repeat how expeditiously I turned into as soon as going appropriate there?” She had no conception. I’m now now not encouraging anyone wander that expeditiously, and I’m now now not telling you what I did. I simplest elevated velocity as a end result of I turned into as soon as passing someone then slowed back all of the style down to a extra real looking and honest clip when the truck turned into as soon as in my rear gape. Level is, the Pacifica’s suspension is gentle and rides take care of it’s floating on a cloud.

Total strategies

“Right here is a proper kit,” she said. “If I needed to score, I’d steal this over the Honda Pilot or the Ford Edge for particular.” Sure, these are smaller automobiles, but I appreciated her level. The Pacifica rides take care of a miles smaller SUV.

“I also take care of the style the safety capabilities work. There are lights but also audible warnings for stuff take care of blind role detection,” she said. “It’s appropriate to maintain each and every severely on a prolonged road outing when the drone of the road has a lulling manufacture on the motive force.” Couldn’t agree extra.

Shall we also hear each and every assorted horny. Cabin noise from either wind or road is minimal so there’s no shouting above anything else. Now, if there’s a stack of kids in the back, I would possibly perhaps per chance per chance now now not pronounce the the same thing, but for this outing it turned into as soon as peacefully peaceable.

All in, the road outing turned into as soon as a huge success. I felt extra punished by the 20-plus miles of strolling I did in the convention middle than the 626 miles I drove from door to door. It wasn’t the flashiest automotive cruising Las Vegas Blvd, but it’ll were the most contented road-outing I’ve taken in a whereas.  No money turned into as soon as misplaced in the middle of the testing of this automotive. 

The Valid, The Unhealthy, and the Relaxing

by Lyn Woodward October 15, 2018

Tag: $47,730 | Tag yours

Unusual Odometer: 2,714

Most trendy MPG/MPGe: 47.1

Maintenance/Provider Expenses: $0.00

Days out of Provider: 0

The extra time I exhaust with our prolonged-timeframe Chrysler Pacifica the extra I take care of it. Nonetheless, take care of each and every enduring relationship, ours is now now not supreme. For a minivan, I composed think it’s too immense. After I assign it in my condominium parking role, I even want to role it acceptable so otherwise I’m succesful of’t exhaust the sliding aspect doorways. That seems to me to be regarded as one of the critical plusses you will maintain to profit from with the form of automotive. And don’t accumulate me began on finding a charger would possibly perhaps per chance per chance likely maintain to you wish one. Alas, these are updates for a favorable day.

There are three things in specific that all the scheme in which by scheme of the final several weeks maintain began to proceed an affect, which manner, I believe them whenever I drive the automotive. So, what cessation you will maintain to hear first, appropriate info or immoral info or the fun? Relaxing for final? K, then.

Valid info it’s. The third row stow-and-wander seats are so straightforward to make exhaust of infrequently I acceptable assign them up or down as a end result of I’m succesful of. The 2nd row isn’t stow-and-wander as a end result of of the hybrid battery, but I’d never drive it with zero seats take care of a cargo van anyway unless there turned into as soon as occasion. Nonetheless I don’t haul a ton of stuff. I haven’t been asked to pass a chum. I don’t maintain a job as, pronounce, a rubdown therapist who carries a large table to appointments. I cessation maintain a single folding chair in the back of the Pacifica continually. So, infrequently I assign each and every seats in the third row down and rarely I assign regarded as one of them up then stash the folded soccer mother chair at an attitude in the outlet where the assorted seat isn’t tucked away. Relaxing! In step with Chrysler there are 243 likely seating configurations in the Pacifica. Sooner than this prolonged-timeframe experiment is over, I’m going to survey if I’m succesful of cessation all of them.

Now to the immoral info. The shifter is a form of rotary dial ones. I continually thought that if I had extra time in a automotive that had one, I would possibly perhaps per chance per chance accumulate extinct to it. No. No topic getting pushed this automotive for a pair months now, I composed want to survey at the dial to survey what gear I’m shifting into. It’s now now not intuitive take care of a stick shifter, which lands at the the same attitude for drive, neutral or reverse whenever. Same with a stalk in trucks, pull it toward you, pull down and blamo! It is likely you’ll per chance per chance likely feel from the role of the stick which gear you’re in. The rotary now now not so worthy. You acceptable flip a knob without a conception of what gear you’re in without basically taking a see at it.

The assorted topic is the rotary dial’s proximity to the amount knob. Extra than when I’ve reached over to regulate the amount and grabbed the gear shifter. Flip that whereas you’re driving, and it adjustments gears, I examined it. Going 10 mph I shifted the minivan from drive into reverse. The automotive slows to a pause after which heads into reverse. If the motive force isn’t being attentive or doesn’t know they’ve shifted to commerce direction and keeps their foot on the accelerator this would possibly perhaps occasionally likely per chance per chance blueprint off some issues. Perhaps at elevated speeds it doesn’t cessation that, but I’m now now not moving to be the guinea pig in that take a look at. That being said, concentrate whereas you drive.

Now for the fun. Chrysler as a company take care of Easter eggs. No, now now not the style a likely fictitious rabbit hides every spring, but minute gifts for its homeowners. On the Pacifica, when you survey carefully down by the flooring between the motive force and passenger seat, there’s a shallow, rubber-lined cubby with which to defend stuff take care of a purse or a cell phone. Subtly etched into the rubber grippy liner are four Chrysler minivans representing their evolution for the rationale that most fundamental Town & Nation seemed in 1989 and by scheme of the present model Pacifica.  This cheeky nod to Chrysler’s heritage is obliging. After I see down and look these mini minivans, I continually smile.

An opulent interior

by Lyn Woodward October 1, 2018

Tag: $47,730 | Tag yours

Unusual Odometer: 2,417 miles

Maintenance/Provider Expenses: $0.00

Days out of Provider: 0

What phase of the phrase minivan conjures visions of luxurious leather, perforated to perfection, sublimely supple and contented? Uh, no minivan comes to strategies? Successfully, survey no extra than the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Small. That’s our prolonged-timeframe tester and, individuals, I even want to repeat you, the inner reeks of horny.

The seats, each and every captains chairs make stronger one’s posterior to perfection. Channels of Nappa leather bolster every backside that sits upon them. The headrest cradles the craniums of either short or colossal, depending on adjustment, and the seat back incorporates each and every astronomical and petitely statured individuals. If a contented seating role beforehand eluded you in assorted automobiles, this one adjusts eight-ways with a further four acceptable on your lumbar space.

On our Small shipshape model, difference stitching comes in so tantalizingly a turquoise one daren’t accumulate misplaced in a Caribbean dream in the middle of foremost school fall-off or steal up. The lightest gray leather echoes by scheme of your complete cabin on tender-touch surfaces to caress your arms as they sit down atop the armrests and plod your hands across the door panels. Uh, wait a 2nd, mild gray? Can that be acceptable? On a minivan that can in all likelihood maintain kids, plural, in it, wielding their mud and ice cream smeared hands take care of weapons across this mild-colored leather oasis? Yup, that’s appropriate.

As a girl who doesn’t maintain kids myself, I look no topic right here. I take impeccable care of my automobiles, and this one would survey novel unless the day I purchased it, no topic how a few years later. Nonetheless, I even maintain traffic with kids, and even these that serve their automobiles slightly aesthetic, would possibly perhaps per chance per chance likely maintain to composed never, ever purchase a minivan with a mild interior. Every pen designate, every soiled shoe print, every vomit stain, every all the pieces presentations up! Yikes. I’m now now not 100% particular what Chrysler turned into as soon as making an allowance for when making Alloy Grey an possibility. Except you’re Successfully-kept Guardian, this seems take care of but one other thing to alarm about when minute Mikey already scraped his knee. Nobody needs to alarm about whether dried blood comes off of leather the hue of picturesque San Francisco fog.

That being said, I can not swoon satisfactory over how appropriate the inner looks, successfully, the baby-free model of the inner. Assured if there were exiguous kids crawling round it take care of a jungle gymnasium, I would possibly perhaps per chance per chance maintain some very assorted things to reveal.

One nit steal on the seats is in regards to the heating and ventilation feature. There isn’t very this kind of thing as a physical button with which to flip either on or off. The motive force must navigate by scheme of the infotainment veil whereas driving to make exhaust of either. All over again, in a minivan where most drivers are bigger than likely fogeys with satisfactory on their hands, take care of in the occasion that they forgot regarded as one of their kids someplace as a end result of it’s merely too still in back, per chance a transient decrease button for this selection is warranted.  

The Pacifica Hybrid as a digicam automotive?

by Lyn Woodward on September 17, 2018

On the total, would possibly perhaps per chance per chance likely maintain to you think what a minivan can haul it’s regarded as one of some things, kids, groceries, soccer stuff, camping gear, but right here at Kelley Blue E book, we thought we’d look how successfully it would possibly perhaps well per chance per chance likely haul our video production digicam tools. So, currently, whereas we were shooting the Kia Strong level Review & Avenue Test video, we extinct our prolonged-timeframe Pacifica Hybrid as our digicam automotive.

As far as cargo role goes to load in all our cameras, sound tools and the Movi, which is the rig we exhaust to mount the digicam on the back of our automotive to shoot automotive-to-automotive pictures, the Pacifica Hybrid for sure didn’t disappoint. There turned into as soon as a great deal of room, even with the 2nd row in space. We tucked away the Stow-n-Streak third row of seats and had 87.5-cubit toes of role for gear. Certainly shall we maintain assign a ton extra in there, doubtlessly satisfactory to shoot a transient movie and now now not acceptable our six-minute video, but we plod a lean crew, and the Pacifica Hybrid’s role proved bigger than colossal.

The bigger voice turned into as soon as how the Pacifica Hybrid would scheme whereas doing our tracking shoots. After I’m driving the take a look at automotive, the digicam automotive has to defend coast, infrequently even overtaking me to accumulate the noble shot. On the total, our crew uses a Honda Pilot with a 3.5-liter V6 that produces 280hp. The Pacifica Hybrid comes with a 3.6-liter V6 as successfully as two electrical motors, which makes a blended 260hp. While these sound take care of connected energy outputs the Pacifica Hybrid is severely heavier as a end result of of that hybrid powertrain, to the tune of practically 5,000 kilos in comparison with the Pilot’s about 4,200 kilos. That’s take care of driving the Honda with a colossal piano strapped to its roof. Thus, the difficulty that the minivan would be lumbering and maintain wretchedness conserving up, even with the 147hp Strong level.

Distress now now not. The Pacifica Hybrid saved in lock step with me continually in spite of its heft. Acceleration from a slower velocity or a full pause turned into as soon as downright rapid thanks to the 2nd low-live torque output of these two electrical motors. In all honesty, the Pacifica Hybrid drives take care of a worthy smaller automotive than even the continuously powered Pacifica, which is also 1,000 kilos lighter. 

While there would possibly perhaps be noticeably extra physique roll round turns in the Hybrid thanks to that extra weight (who doesn’t roll round quite extra after we’ve won about a, appropriate) the minivan composed felt proper and bigger than excellent to defend efficiency luminous. No longer particular we’d pronounce the the same when shooting a Lamborghini, but it turned into as soon as bigger than excellent.  

The rear window, which is also smaller than that of the Honda Pilot, turned into as soon as composed immense satisfactory for our digicam mount, and to be factual it basically regarded beautiful appropriate back there. Any concerns I had were certainly assign to relaxation and with quite of luck my efficiency turned into as soon as no lower than half as appropriate as the Pacifica Hybrid’s. After I posted a characterize of the Pacifica Hybrid on Instagram all kitted out for work, slightly heaps of automotive video producers chimed in announcing how worthy they loved the utilization of the Pacifica Hybrid as a digicam automotive, too. Appears to be like they all know stuff I don’t. Unsurprising.

While you furthermore mght can fair now now not be the subsequent Steven Spielberg chasing round automobiles in your minivan, when you’re in the marketplace for one such automotive that has versatile utility, is un-minivan-take care of rapid and has a minute little bit of necessary person quality, then the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid also can fair be one to add to the take a look at drive checklist. 


by Lyn Woodward on September 3, 2018

  • Tag: $47,730 (including $1,345 destination)
  • Powertrain: 3.6-liter V6 eHybrid Engine; eFlite EV Transmission
  • EPA: Gas & EV: 84 blended MPGe; Gas 32 blended MPG

Minivans are huge by manner of versatility. They’re unbelievable utility automobiles. Owners can without issues haul round kids and stuff, but when one thinks of a minivan, unbelievable gasoline economy doesn’t in overall attain to strategies.

Successfully, Chrysler would gain to commerce all that, so that they’ve launched the Pacifica Hybrid. It’s the most fundamental wander-in hybrid in the class, and we’ve acceptable added one to our prolonged-timeframe take a look at like a flash to survey if the Pacifica delivers.

Streak Lengthy

EPA numbers on the Pacifica are ridiculous. Estimates attain in at 84 MPGe when the utilization of the blended gasoline and electrical motors in tandem, but even the gasoline number by myself at 32 mpg is lovely spectacular for the class. That’s slightly heaps of gymnastics courses and soccer practices.

Nonetheless acceptable as a end result of the EPA and Chrysler pronounce these are the numbers, we are attempting to be wonderful for ourselves. We conception on taking our Pacifica right here, there and in every single space. Our Government Editor can’t wait to drive the Pacifica on his 100-plus mile wander back and forth each and every manner to the gap of commercial. An editor will head up north on a road outing so she will be able to be able to cart her godson and his siblings round whereas their fogeys wander on vacation. We’ll maintain a great deal of how to identify if these lofty numbers defend up.

Magnificence and the Beast

“Wow, what a honest minivan,” said no one ever. Successfully, no lower than unless now. The out of doorways of the Pacifica is as lithe as a minivan would possibly perhaps per chance per chance survey this gift day. It’s purchased huge character lines on the physique, and a straightforward but understated and trendy profile. Though the front live does form of survey take care of a form of artwork of an particular person with four eyes, but beauty is in the leer of the beholder. Putting Copper Pearl-Coat paint slathers the sheet steel. It’s a stunner.

We opted for the Small shipshape and it comes overflowing with customary capabilities. Nappa leather covers the seats and the most-touched surfaces within. An 8.4-hotfoot infotainment veil with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will befriend serve us from getting misplaced, energy seats, keyless entry and redesigned Stow-n-Streak third row seating is also included.

We added each and every the Customer Most popular Equipment for $995 that entails 20 audio system with our Harman Kardon audio system, every form of security capabilities including adaptive cruise serve a watch on and rain sensing wipers, and the Hybrid Particular Look kit for $395. That will get us physique-colored energy mirrors and door handles and 18-hotfoot alloy wheels amongst assorted services.

Nonetheless, we also know how worthy minivans accumulate beat up, extinct, and kicked round. While we don’t conception on any extra-punches testing, we’re now now not going to toddler this thing either. You and your family live in the precise world and we conception on seeing how this beauty holds up in it.


Our minivan motors with its 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 eHybrid engine for a crammed with 260hp. All that goodness is mated to a one-velocity electrically variable transmission. All of us know how huge rapid torque is from assorted EV and hybrid automobiles and we’re hoping on the Pacifica Hybrid now now not being any assorted. We’re taking a see forward to seeing the scheme in which it handles twisty mountain roads, you perceive, as a end result of road journeys, as successfully as when it’s stout of passengers and desires a minute extra kick to accumulate out of refined scenarios on the highway.

Subsequent Impressions

Originally see, yes, this minivan does survey take care of it’s purchased each and every style and substance. Stop tuned whereas we discover out if our first affect lasts a full Twelve months.

Be sure to bookmark this page for customary updates we add to this evaluation.

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