We’re spending 12 months with this Honda Clarity, reviewing the fleshy ownership experience with ongoing updates. Also, accumulate out why we named the Honda Clarity Breeze-in the Only Steal in its class for 2019.  

First Carrier at Honda of Thousand Oaks is Impressive

by Michael Harley on April 30, 2019

Contemporary Odometer: 8,373 miles

Latest MPG: 131.79 MPG

Lifetime MPG: 95.82 MPG

Repairs/Carrier Costs: $96.46

Time out of Carrier: 0 days

Miles on the Clarity PHEV are gathering at a price nearing 80 miles-per-day, which manner its electrons were working additional time. Two weeks previously, its service light illuminated as the 4-door demanded its first oil substitute and inspection (“query” is an correct be conscious, as the traumatic “Carrier Light” glared at us on every occasion we hit the ignition button).  In must steal the Clarity to a dealership advance our Irvine headquarters, we introduced it to Honda of Thousand Oaks, which is set 85 miles northwest of Kelley Blue E book – the experience used to be out of the ordinary.

We arrived at the supplier an hour early for our 10: 00 AM appointment, but one other service manual gladly helped us out – and organized for the dealership’s shuttle to force us 11 miles home! All programs are ideal with the Clarity, so all we wished used to be an oil substitute (Honda Fleshy Artificial 0W-20) with a brand fresh filter, tire rotation, and inspection. We picked-up the freshly-washed Clarity that afternoon and paid the sensible $96.48 bill. There used to be no waiting on both stop of the transaction, no are attempting and sell us anything else questionable (e.g., blinker fluid), and nothing but smiles from every person we got right here fervent with – we would like all dealership companies and products were this straightforward.   


EV range is purely tempo and congestion dependent

by Michael Harley on April 3, 2019

Contemporary Odometer: 6,061 miles

Latest MPG: 142.71 MPG

Lifetime MPG: 88.64 MPG

Repairs/Carrier Costs: $0

Time out of Carrier: 0 days

After three months, and more than 6,000 miles, I am foundation to perceive the manner PHEVs work – particularly in phrases of how they luxuriate in battery energy.

Honda touts an EV-handiest range of 47 miles, but that’s nothing but a ballpark estimate – range is tempo and congestion (aka braking regeneration) dependent. If I leap on the freeway with out any online page online visitors, my EV-handiest range is simply over 30 miles. But, if I sit down in bumper-to-bumper online page online visitors, I in actual fact dangle covered 56 miles with out hearing the combustion engine firing up.

Ambient temperature also plays a mammoth role on the command of the battery. In no longer-so-frigid Southern California, the vehicle would existing an EV-handiest range of 38 miles in January (overnight temperatures in the mid-40s). This morning, with temperatures 20 levels warmer, it confirmed a fleshy payment range of 45.6 miles (on the different hand, it traveled 33.7 miles sooner than the battery used to be exhausted because my sensible tempo used to be more than 70 mph).

This might maybe maybe be titillating to witness how the battery fares in our triple-digit summer time.   


Flying buttress console isn’t the appropriate leg relaxation

by Michael Harley on March 22, 2019

Contemporary Odometer: 5,282 miles

Latest MPG: 74.77 MPG

Lifetime MPG: 85.04 MPG

Repairs/Carrier Costs: $0

Time out of Carrier: 0 days

Honda’s inner designers desires to be complimented for the tall and as much as date inner realized all around the Clarity because every person who climbs into the five-space cabin remarks how happy and purposeful the passenger appointments are… instead of one minor annoyance. The odd flying buttress heart console, which offers very precious storage under the digital shifter, widens as it touches the bottom of the dashboard (it is an comely component). In doing so, it turns into an awfully natural space to relaxation the driver’s correct knee – particularly if over six-foot tall. Sadly, the neat on all aspects of the console is exhausting, so it offers fully zero give by cushioning. While it’s no longer a project for an spherical-the-metropolis time out, it does change into an irritation as the hours cross for the duration of a protracted force. And, for the file, one other Honda Clarity owner in our space of business no longer too long previously mentioned the equal grievance. 


Finding out to admire the frenzy-button shifter

by Michael Harley on March 13, 2019

Contemporary Odometer: 4,498 miles

Latest MPG: 74.08 MPG

Lifetime MPG: 84.61 MPG

Repairs/Carrier Costs: $0

Time out of Carrier: 0 days

Honda equips all Clarity items with a push-button (PRND) shifter, a create that takes a futuristic leap away from the primitive lever-operated (PRNDL) shifters that were advantageous for most autos with a console-mounted transmission selector for the past several a few years. Honda, and diversified automakers with this create, argues that this fresh digital interface will be more optimally placed on the dashboard because they aren’t stressed by a centrally-mounted cable that desires to be attached to the transmission housing – this also frees up treasured staunch estate on the center console.

Truth be told, I initially didn’t admire the fresh create that Honda (and Acura) employ as the aggregate of push and pull levers and buttons were anything else but intuitive. Yet some automakers are now rolling out even much less instinctive – assemble that bordering on unhealthy – digital shift levers (RND) with a lever that in total returns to heart after being delicately bumped fore-and-aft (the 2019 Audi Q8, 2019 BMW 3 Collection, and 2020 Porsche 911 reach to thoughts).

After sampling those infuriating shift levers, which require searching out out a little indicator on the skedaddle for confirmation, I’ve made up our minds that the Clarity’s illuminated push-button (PRND) shifter, with an awfully certain engagement motion, is reasonably acceptable. 


Continually allow the Clarity to control its powerplant

by Michael Harley on February 25, 2019

Contemporary Odometer: 3,842 miles

Latest MPG: 80.81 MPG

Lifetime MPG: 86.02 MPG

Repairs/Carrier Costs: $0

Time out of Carrier: 0 days

As mentioned in an replace on January 27, Honda locations an “EV” button on the Clarity’s dashboard that allows the driver to manually organize the battery consumption — press it, and the command-of-payment is held. After noting that top-tempo driving requires an unpleasant lot of battery energy (which manner my fleshy battery payment is basically consumed all around the first 30 miles of my commute), I made up our minds to manually adjust the powerplant for the duration of 1 in every of my morning treks and “beat” the computer — it basically runs handiest on battery until it is depleted, which then starts the combustion engine. My dangle common sense stated it desires to be optimal to make employ of the battery/motor in the metropolis cycle and employ the engine exclusively on the excessive-tempo LA freeways. So, I did just that (manually toggling the EV button all around the force) and my gasoline economic system used to be 68.8 MPG — no longer depraved, I belief. I then did the equal force the next morning and allowed the Clarity to mechanically organize its hybrid powertrain. It returned 78.2 MPG — the computer beat me by more than 10 p.c! Searching back, I’ve realized that the Honda will shut down its combustion engine for the duration of coasting and when it’s no longer wished at low speeds (even supposing the battery shows that it is depleted, there is quiet a minimal payment closing for those classes). Lesson realized: Continually allow the Clarity to control its powerplant. 


Taking part in the silence

by Michael Harley on February 15, 2019

Contemporary Odometer: 2,839 miles

Latest MPG: 107.03 MPG

Lifetime MPG: 92.21 MPG

Repairs/Carrier Costs: $0

Time out of Carrier: 0 days

Everybody knows that electrical autos assemble handiest minimal noise whereas they’re working – electrical motors are nearly restful. But this silence is in total a plot back at freeway speeds as nearly all EVs are at likelihood of tense wind and tire noise that makes its device into the cabin (these sounds are in total masked by rumbling exhaust notes in combustion autos). Honda’s engineers dangle long gone to tall lengths to lower the noise penetrating the cabin of the Clarity. First, they paid close consideration to aerodynamics to make stir that buffeting across the windshield’s A-pillar and external mirrors used to be minimal. 2d, they isolated the suspension blueprint and set additional acoustic insulation inner the wheel wells. Lastly, they laminated the glass on the entrance doorways – it is literally two layers of tempered glass with a layer of sound deadening enviornment cloth sandwiched in the center. The implications of these additional efforts are nothing wanting very suited – the Honda Clarity PHEV is one amongst the quietest autos that I in actual fact dangle ever pushed. 


Gasoline economic system in a PHEV is all around the put

by Michael Harley on February 5, 2019

Contemporary Odometer: 1,740 miles

Latest MPG: 76.91 MPG

Lifetime MPG: 87.05 MPG

Repairs/Carrier Costs: $0

Time out of Carrier: 0 days

Display camouflage that I earned “handiest” 76.91 MPG on my most newest tank of gasoline with our long-time duration Clarity. Brooding about that the tank without prolong sooner than this one returned an very suited 156.50 MPG, my preliminary belief used to be that one thing used to be damaged. Yet all the pieces with this Honda is ideal (correct down the tire pressures, which I take a look at weekly).

Because it turns out, right here is simply the manner PHEVs hiss gasoline economic system; it is 100-p.c in accordance to the segment distance traveled on on every occasion out.

If I place home for a protracted weekend (no commute), plugging the Clarity in on every occasion it’s in my driveway, I won’t employ the combustion engine the least bit. I will toddle five or six fleshy days, inserting 80 miles a day on the Honda, with out challenging one tumble of gasoline. Nonetheless, my morning commute always requires the engine to luxuriate in about a gallon of gasoline, and that hurts gasoline economic system.

Some of us might maybe maybe also dangle a Clarity and never employ gasoline. Others, admire myself, will employ it in most cases. Even so, earning a mean of nearly 77 MPG on a tank of gasoline is jaw-droppingly impressive!


EVs attain no longer admire excessive speeds

by Michael Harley on January 27, 2019

Contemporary Odometer: 971

Latest MPG: 120.75 MPG

Lifetime MPG: 79.56 MPG

Repairs/Carrier Costs: $0

Time out of Carrier: 0 days

In conventional PHEV manner, the Honda Clarity (in default mode) consumes the payment in its battery pack sooner than igniting the combustion engine searching out for more electrical energy for propulsion. That stated, the EPA charges the Honda’s battery pack at “47 miles,” which leads most to think that the Clarity will quilt 47 miles in EV mode sooner than desiring to luxuriate in gasoline – but this isn’t the case. On my very early morning 98-mile commute across the LA Basin, which has me cruising congestion-free with a scuttle of autos at upwards of 80 mph, I am lucky to construct up 30 miles out of the battery (the entire absence of online page online visitors manner there is zero regenerative braking). Nonetheless, if I leave the space of business for the duration of evening plod hour I in actual fact dangle viewed 52 miles of range in EV mode (credit advance-proper regenerative braking and vastly reduced aerodynamic bound). The lesson realized is that electrical-handiest propulsion is nice spherical metropolis and at low speeds when regenerative braking is fervent. At excessive speeds that you can maybe presumably also be doing nothing but preventing the wind and challenging electrons at an alarming price. Yet, in a lovely suited transfer, Honda’s engineers dangle set somewhat button on the dashboard (labeled “HV”) that allows the driver to “set up” the battery’s payment for when it is optimal. Cease tuned, as I will manually adjust my energy consumption on an upcoming commute.  


Welcome home – meet my Degree 2 charger

by Michael Harley on January 20, 2019

Contemporary Odometer: 276 miles

Latest MPG: Original

Lifetime MPG: Original

Repairs/Carrier Costs: $0

Time out of Carrier: 0 days

It is feasible, and fully acceptable, to bolt the Honda Clarity PHEV into a primitive 120-volt wall outlet and recharge its battery overnight. This “Degree 1” charging is how I’ve been charging electrical press autos at my home for about a years. Inspiring as much as a more extremely fantastic 240-volt “Degree 2” charger, which will be home client precise, entirely changes the sport. A Degree 2 blueprint delivers charging speeds which might maybe maybe be about five instances quicker, which manner PHEVs admire the Honda Clarity PHEV will be introduced support to a fleshy battery command in fewer than three hours. I’m convinced that an EV owner desires to assemble the little investment (about $1,000 – after rebates and incentives) for a staunch Degree 2 charger at their home, so I had one set in in my storage over the holidays. I chosen a ChargePoint House unit, with a 25-foot cord, as it is straightforward to electrify (Amazon) and it offers a smartphone app that allows the user to time table and video show the charging route of. This means I will time table the Clarity to handiest payment for the duration of instances when electrical energy is the least costly – taking suited thing about its shorter payment time to make employ of those discounted home windows. 



by Michael Harley on January 15, 2019

A 2019 Honda Clarity bolt-in hybrid electrical vehicle (PHEV) joined the Kelley Blue E book rapid this month, promising a year of ambiance precise EV-operation and hybrid gasoline economic system. The modern family sedan boasts an modern aluminum-intensive chassis and one amongst the most subtle powertrains on hand in the marketplace, which is handiest segment of the aim it won the Kelley Blue E book “Electric/Hybrid Car Only Steal of 2019” award.

Aerodynamic exterior and a plush inner

“Futuristic and purposeful, distinctive and ambiance precise.” That’s how Honda describes the Clarity. Dimensionally very in the case of the Honda Accord sedan, the exterior of the Clarity is incredibly aero focused — distinctive styling has been engineered to attend the PHEV “fulfill its mission as a tech-savvy, energy-ambiance precise and image-main vehicle,” says the automaker. The low-bound create parts air intakes sooner than every wheel to place “air curtains” that lower turbulence across the wheel openings, a fleshy belly pan to lower bound, and partial tire coverings over the rear wheels to retain the air transferring with out hassle and freely. It goes with out saying that the Clarity looks to be nothing admire the Accord. In fact, the Clarity looks to be nothing admire anything else else in the street.

The passenger cabin has been designed to accommodate four six-foot tall adults, or five in a pinch, with top-price materials, match, and attain — think Acura phases of top class appointments. The driver faces a as much as date digital instrument panel with a infamous energy meter taking heart stage. There is a battery command-of-payment existing on the left and a gasoline tank gauge on the ideal. The 8-whisk touch show camouflage camouflage floating on the center of the skedaddle is successfully positioned, on the different hand it lacks a quantity knob — this might maybe maybe be titillating to witness how that goes (for the file, Honda has addressed this and introduced the mandatory knob support to loads of its items). The transmission is shifted by a button stack on the center of the center console, which rests atop a advantageous flying buttress — a shifter configuration that used to be first introduced by Acura. There are advantageous cup holders and storage command for phones under the flying buttress.

Kelley Blue E book’s long-time duration Clarity is a Touring model, in Solar Silver Steel, which is the variety-topping neat. As successfully as to the fashioned parts equivalent to fleshy-LED lights, Honda Sensing safety instruments, and an 8-speaker (180-watt) audio blueprint, it provides navigation, leather-based entirely entirely upholstery, and energy seats with a reminiscence characteristic.  

Subtle gasoline-electrical hybrid powertrain

The Clarity makes use of two-motor hybrid technology that mixes a 1.5-liter Atkinson-cycle in-line 4-cylinder combustion engine, a starter/generator motor, and a 181-horsepower AC synchronous traction motor – total blueprint energy is a stable 212 horsepower. The electrical energy is stored in a 168-cell lithium-ion battery pack located under the passenger floor, which is rated at 17-kilowatt hour (kWh). The combustion engine sips from a 7-gallon gasoline tank, which is under the rear seat. While the gasoline tank requires nothing more than fashioned odd unleaded gasoline, Honda says the Clarity’s battery is optimally charged with a 240-volt Degree 2 charger in about 2.5 hours. It’ll also be replenished with a primitive 120-volt wall charger overnight.

Beneath most prerequisites, the Clarity PHEV runs off its electrical motor that’s driving the 2 entrance wheels. But, if the driver doesn’t query for aggressive acceleration, the vehicle will urge on nothing but electrical energy for speeds upwards of 100 mph. Above that, the combustion engine joins the occasion to hiss device more energy. As soon as the battery is depleted – the Clarity drives as much as 47 miles on EV on my own – the engine fires as much as generate electrical energy for the traction motor and propel the vehicle.

And right here is where issues accumulate more advanced. Honda doesn’t employ a constantly variable transmission (CVT) to link the engine to the wheels, admire most diversified automakers. As a replace, the 1.5-liter engine is attached to the driving wheels by a straightforward single-tempo gearbox that’s lighter and loads more ambiance precise than a CVT. Per tempo and load, the engine will force the wheels on my own or query for assistance by sending electrical energy to the traction motor for additional propulsion.

Three energy modes provide versatility, flexibility, and efficiency.

Honda offers the driver comparatively somewhat adjust in phrases of managing the powertrain, but as a rule it switches seamlessly between its propulsion modes mechanically. If there is a payment closing in the battery pack, the vehicle will operate in EV Drive mode – the engine is off and decoupled from the transmission to lower friction. When the battery is advance-depleted, the Clarity will swap to Hybrid Drive mode. Propulsion comes from the traction motor, which is being equipped energy from the gasoline engine turning the generator (extra energy is stored in the battery). At medium or excessive cruising speeds, the Honda switches to Engine Drive mode. On this configuration, a lock-up take dangle of allows the engine to propel the vehicle.

While there is no longer frequently a must override the computer’s chosen force mode, Honda offers the vehicle operator three driver-selectable working modes – Long-established, Econ, and Sport. Every is self-explanatory. A fourth mode, which is called HV mode, allows the driver to place the battery’s command of payment, and even payment the battery whereas the sedan is driving.

Per the EPA, the Clarity PHEV earns an all-electrical 110 MPGe blended gasoline economic system ranking. Its gasoline-handiest rations are 44/40/42 MPG (metropolis/freeway/blended). In thought, the aggregate of a 47-mile electrical and an approximate 300-mile combustion range must add as much as about 350 miles between beget-ups. Nonetheless, our experience shows that most bolt-in hybrids hiss noteworthy elevated range when they’re charged on every occasion they’re parked.

Our year-long take a look at and Clarity pricing

The 2019 Honda Clarity PHEV joins a four-particular person family family, where this might maybe maybe be mature as a day after day driver for carpools, working spherical, and hauling the family all around the LA Basin. And, this might maybe maybe be compelled to suffer a two-hour force to work — 98 miles every device. This must fresh an enticing different to witness how successfully the Clarity delivers comfort and efficiency for the duration of the day after day budge.

The 2019 Honda Clarity PHEV starts with a unhealthy stamp of $34,320 (at the side of $920 destination), but our long-time duration 2019 Honda Clarity PHEV Touring has a unhealthy stamp of $37,520 (at the side of $920 destination). 

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