June 6, 2019

You’ve a cell app: check!

Your Facebook and/or Instagram Business Pages are draw up: check!

Your Facebook Adverts Supervisor memoir is draw up: check!

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Supreme. Now you would possibly maybe derive more folk installing it, the employ of it, and re-enticing with your app over time. Gracious? Properly, you’ve absolutely technique to the finest contrivance. On this total files to cell app marketing the employ of Facebook adverts, you’ll be taught to initiate by:

  • Registering your cell app with Facebook
  • Deciding on your campaign goals
  • Targeting your audiences
  • Developing distinctive Facebook adverts

Let’s derive to it!

Register your cell app with Facebook for Developers

Ahead of we dive into Facebook Adverts Supervisor and draw up our first cell app install campaign, you would possibly maybe must register as a developer on Facebook. Whenever you are no longer a developer, fragment this tutorial link with your developer so they’d well support and derive every thing draw up within the App Dashboard.

Here, you would possibly maybe be taught to register your app, install your iOS Intention Model Package or SDK or your Android SDK, add any app events that would possibly maybe also impartial be necessary for your dreams and industry, and more. While installing the SDK is no longer any longer compulsory, we extremely suggest doing so that you can our possibilities as it would possibly maybe maybe provide a higher stage of monitoring and ad targeting, thus, more insights. As advertisers, the more we can derive, the higher, as we can employ that files to derive instructed choices, derive customized audience, and optimize our app campaigns. Adding app events is additionally no longer compulsory, nevertheless we recommend setting these up as they boom to your industry (similar to app install, app initiate, add to cart, in-app hang, and rather a lot of others.). That system, you would possibly maybe higher reduction your adverts to folk which would possibly maybe be presumably to take an action and derive customized audiences the employ of this files.

Now obvious ought to you’ve already performed this? Desire to make sure you registered precisely? You presumably can with out distress be taught about in case your app is registered and all draw to lunge in campaigns by coming into your Facebook App ID into Facebook’s App Adverts Helper.

Fair your cell app campaign goals

As soon as the above initial steps are completed, let’s dive into campaign draw up. There are two vital Facebook campaign goals that you’ll desire to make employ of: App Installs and Conversions.

App Set up campaigns

In case your draw is to pressure cell app installs, hang the “App Installs” campaign draw when rising a brand contemporary campaign.

Facebook ads app install campaign screen

This campaign draw would possibly maybe support reduction cell app install adverts to folk in your draw audience (more on this later) who are presumably to take this action. The campaign will optimize in the direction of this draw.

Conversion campaigns

Whenever you relish an interest in reaching hotter audiences which relish already place in your app to entice them to re-capture with, are attempting testing out assorted campaign goals, similar to “Conversions.” With this campaign draw, make certain that to amass a conversion match space—your app—on the ad draw stage. To try this, hang your app, the app store that it resides in for this particular campaign and ad draw (iTunes or Google Play), and defend an app match that you would possibly maybe optimize for, similar to in-app purchases, as pictured here.

selecting a conversion campaign objective screen

Aim your audience for cell apps campaigns

Now that our campaign is chosen, head over to the ad draw stage to amass your audience targeting. Who’s your draw audience? Who’s presumably to put in and employ your app? Take a look at and be taught!

While the possibilities for targeting would possibly maybe also impartial be never-ending in line with your draw market and your industry dreams, there are a preference of how to reach folk at assorted stages of your funnel. Whether it’s a cool audience thru an consciousness campaign to pressure installs or a re-engagement campaign to pressure hotter audiences to proceed the employ of your app, or no longer you will must investigate cross-check suggestions to see which of these probabilities work for you and your audience. Here about a Facebook targeting choices to are attempting!

Pleasurable targeting

Whenever you’re appropriate getting started, are no longer sure of who to reach, and relish some budget to avoid losing in the direction of these adverts, race broader in your targeting. You presumably can hang age, gender, and space to see which of these demographics kind higher—and which performs finest. As soon as you figure out which demographics work for you, initiate scaling backwards to decrease out beneath-performing segments in line with your results.

Detailed targeting

Whenever you are working with a smaller budget and appropriate getting started, we recurrently suggest starting up with a narrower audience that would possibly maybe also impartial be more susceptible to be fascinated by your app, in particular if it’s supposed for a distinct section market. Scroll all of the contrivance in which down to the ad draw stage to Detailed Targeting and starting up typing in some relevant keywords. Whenever you aren’t sure where to initiate, are attempting having a interrogate interests that your customers would possibly maybe also impartial relish. As an illustration, ought to you are a food transport app, draw folk which would possibly maybe be fascinated by food, pizza ought to you offer it, or involving out, etc. One more risk can be to attract folk which would possibly maybe be fascinated by a competitor of yours.

Lookalike customized audiences

One more fantastic risk to search out relevant contemporary customers is to derive a lookalike audience in Facebook Adverts Supervisor’s Audiences tab.

Facebook ads manager custom audience

Here, you would possibly maybe derive customized audiences by importing email lists you would possibly maybe also impartial relish, similar to leads, newsletter subscribers, or possibilities. Or you would possibly maybe employ your online page pixel to derive customized audiences, similar to online page company. Or, since we’re on the topic of cell apps, you would possibly maybe derive customized audiences in line with app events, similar to installs, add to carts, in-app purchases, and more. As soon as you derive these and various customized audiences, ought to you’ve as a minimum 100 folk in a customised audience, you would possibly maybe derive a lookalike audience.

A lookalike audience is an audience that is similar to but every other audience. With these, Facebook will take an audience you’ve already created after which will generate a brand contemporary audience of oldsters so that you can draw in line with identical interests and behaviors. As an illustration, ought to you take your in-app hang customized audience and derive a lookalike, Facebook will provide a brand contemporary audience so that you can draw for your app install campaigns. These work completely, and we extremely suggest testing them out.

To derive a lookalike audience, hang a customised audience you’ve draw up then click on the drop down as pictured below and secure “Manufacture Lookalike.”


Subsequent, a brand contemporary window will appear where you would possibly maybe must hang the audience space and audience size. As you initiate, we recommend the automatic instructed for 1% lookalike, as this audience can be intently associated to your usual customized audience. The upper the proportion, the broader the lookalike targeting can be. Commence with 1% and over time, ought to you are having a interrogate contemporary, broader audiences to reach, derive bigger that share reach and be taught about the contrivance in which it works for you.

setting up a lookalike audience screen

Manufacture killer Facebook adverts for cell apps

With your campaign and ad draw ranges draw up, let’s race on to the ad stage. With app adverts, you’ve identical ad facets as assorted ad formats, similar to text above your inventive, headline, and derive in touch with to action button. In preference to a web site URL touchdown page, you’ll additionally relish the risk of adding a deep link.

Here’s the finest solution to derive a hit Facebook adverts for cell adverts the employ of every and each of these ad substances.

1. Text

For text section, produce ad replica that is relevant to your campaign draw, would possibly maybe be fascinating and relevant to your draw audience, and speaks to your app in phrases of solutions, advantages, facets, or any contemporary person promotions to reduction installs. There’s no longer any one-size-matches-all rule in phrases of ad replica length, so derive some which would possibly maybe be rapid and if appropriate, check out some longer ad replica diversifications as effectively to see what resonates finest with your audience. While a variety of the time, shorter replica out-performs its longer-fabricate counterparts, now we relish viewed in some accounts and some campaigns where long fabricate performs higher.

2. Headline

Set up your finest foot forward with your higher and bolded headline. Whenever you are targeting a brand contemporary audience to pressure engagements, summarize your app and include its title. Whenever you are targeting a hotter remarketing audience, check a promotion, part a resolution, or one thing bright about it so customers will re-capture.

3. Inventive

Get ad inventive that can complement your ad replica. Facebook and Instagram salvage static images and video creatives for app campaigns, so check them each and each out. While images kind completely, movies tend to kind higher as they leave less to the creativeness and visually connect customers faster to your tag and choices. We are living in an extraordinarily stimulated world and anything that has subtle motion as customers scroll down their feeds would possibly maybe well support end them and affords their consideration to you.

By system of images, defend one thing luminous that can stand out in opposition to the white background of feeds. If it’s relevant to your app, are attempting standard of living photos. As an illustration, if it’s an app for a dog strolling on place a query to, employ images of dogs and smiling folk strolling dogs of various breeds.  Take a look at carousel adverts and single image adverts so you would possibly maybe employ more ad exact estate and amplify your possibilities of getting one thing higher resonate with the person viewing your ad.

When the employ of video, showcase your app in employ, maybe a hasty demonstration, or a person the employ of the app, so the viewer can higher understand the app and checklist themselves the employ of it. If it’s a massage on-place a query to app, demonstrate a person in a relatable affirm to the draw audience, similar to being achy after a protracted day after which showcase how easy it is to make employ of the app and clarify a encourage massage to derive you feel higher.

4. Deep link

Employ deep hyperlinks to derive the system of downloading your app more seamless for your customers—this would well also impartial amplify your conversion charges and decrease soar charges. A deep link is no longer any longer going to most productive ship customers to your app from the ad, nevertheless it would possibly maybe maybe additionally ship them to a particular share of advise material. Let’s return to the food transport app instance for this. Whenever you are selling pizza within the ad, add a deep link for a page that can derive it perfect for customers to see pizza contrivance ordering choices, reasonably than appropriate sending them to the app and leaving them to manually interrogate pizza themselves.

add deep link

Take a look at out Facebook’s Deep Linking in App Adverts of their developer fragment to be taught more about deep hyperlinks and the finest solution to make employ of them.

5. Call-to-action button

Having a see to in fact pressure that action? Always add a CTA button to files your customers to enact the draw by installing, to make employ of your app, or one of the most a variety of readily accessible choices, as viewed here.

set a CTA button option

Open time!

Your initial Facebook cell app adverts campaigns are ready to race are living. Thrilling! Allow them to roll and be taught about how they kind. As soon as you’ve enough performance files to derive necessary and statistically necessary optimization choices, lunge some reports to see what is working effectively and what is no longer any longer. Then initiate testing about a of many variables readily accessible to you—similar to campaign goals, ad draw targeting, and ad stage substances—in clarify to extra toughen performance. Absorb enjoyable, derive inventive, and retain your customers engaged when they install!

Akvile DeFazio

Akvile DeFazio

As someone who lives for connecting folk, making the connection between shoppers and manufacturers is what Akvile DeFazio, president of AKvertise, a social media marketing company, does finest. As a conversion driven marketer, she is fervent about serving to businesses derive bigger their online visibility and reach their dreams through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest Adverts.