June 14, 2019

WordStream has some impressive workers in our ranks: from industry influencers to marathon runners, from analysts to authors. The Employee Spotlight series aims to spotlight the talented contributors who work here. Every month, we’ll be featuring an interview here on the blog and on our social accounts.

For this month’s Employee Spotlight, we’re featuring Alyssa Ozimek-Maier. At the starting up build from Texas, Alyssa’s lived correct thru the nation—in San Francisco, in Chicago, and, take into accout that, here in Boston. As the industry accomplice at WordStream, Alyssa works to balance the desires of the corporate with the desires of individual workers. We talked with Alyssa about her role, her cooking, her capsule dresser, and extra.

Alyssa Ozimek-Maier

How did you hear about WordStream? Why did which that you just may per chance maybe maybe also be alive to to work here?

I in fact found the job posting thru LinkedIn, and I fell in esteem with the job description. The title of the Folk Success group alone stood out. Lots of the time the group is commonly known as human resources, and one other unique one is human capital—those names sound so bureaucratic and policy-focused.  The title alone fair sounded uplifting and revolutionary—the entirety that I needed to recall the next step in my occupation. After I came in for the interview and when I first began, the atmosphere was certain and forward-thinking. It’s in fact regarding the contributors, not regarding the insurance policies.

What’s your authorized direct about working on WordStream?

The contributors, in the starting up. I judge the contributors I work with here at WordStream are in actuality a number of of the most certain and enticing folks that I’ve ever met. The contributors are incredibly talented and so pushed, and I procure that in fact spirited to be around on a day-to-day foundation, in particular given the younger demographic. I’m so in dismay of all people and their dedication.

I judge the diversified direct about WordStream—one other motive I needed to work here in the principle blueprint—is the core values. The company has a mission. Coming from nonprofit and mission-based entirely work for typically the final decade of my occupation, I in fact did not are alive to to fair scurry into any company atmosphere. It was in fact refreshing to seek a company atmosphere with that form of focal level and dedication to its core values. WordStream in fact celebrates its core values on a day-to-day foundation, and that’s one other motive I esteem working here.

What’s the most nerve-racking project you’ve labored on at some level of your time here to this level?

I have been working on constructing occupation ladders for the product and engineering group, and that’s been nerve-racking for a number of reasons. One space has been attending to know every group and its engaging desires and structures. Yet any other has been finding ways to benchmark these structures and occupation ladders. With ecommerce merchandise, we’re working in a barely unique role, so finding the analysis and records to crimson meat up the changes we’re making or the paths we’re defining hasn’t been easy.

What’s your authorized project that you just’ve labored on here at WordStream?

I’ve in fact loved working on the internship program. I’ve gotten to work with Michelle Cataldo, who does our company social duty, and he or she’s been working for the final yr on constructing this internship program. This is the principle yr where we now non-public had 10 summer season interns, and I judge it’s furthermore the principle yr where it feels esteem an intern program. Michelle ran a scavenger hunt on their first day so they may per chance also win to know their formulation around the blueprint of job whereas attending to know every diversified, they typically participated in Tech Jam’s Fight of the Interns the old day.

three interns in front of WordStream logo

A couple of of WordStream’s interns on the scavenger hunt.

The program has opportunities for the interns to create connections with every diversified and diversified interns in the industry, as effectively as connect them with opportunities and trip here at WordStream. It furthermore makes for a in fact fun summer season, attending to know the field higher thru the technique.

What’s the finest direct you’ve realized on the job?

Time management. I concept I was fair at time management before, but being the finest industry accomplice I have been rising to the gap even extra. I furthermore began this role when my daughter was four months extinct, and it’s crucial to me to win dwelling for time for dinner and bed time so that I will be able to utilize a couple hours every night alongside with her. In my role, I furthermore may per chance also easy be commence when folks want me, which isn’t at all times 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Balancing being demonstrate in my role and furthermore inserting forward a work-life balance has taught me how to higher arrange my time.

What was your authorized class in school that you just’re feeling esteem you’ve weird and wonderful at work?

It was Greek history, and the teacher was fair this kind of pleasurable orator that is it in fact was esteem anecdote time. She informed us this very fair correct history, not in any kind of textbook reality-finding formulation. That class was one of many explanations I executed up studying history as effectively as ladies and gender stories.

I’m incredibly attracted to folks in society and the diagram it all works collectively, as effectively as how we as a society can attend crimson meat up contributors of their engaging desires. That’s something I attend in tips regularly in my role here.

What’s your workspace pleasurable esteem? Minimalist? Homey? Tremendous?

I esteem minimalism. I non-public a capsule dresser with a number of tips for purchasing unique garments. Any part desires to win me in fact feel pleasurable in it—so I’d be ravishing wearing it working into an ex—and it desires to head with not decrease than three diversified things I comprise.  I recall to attend things rather dapper, but I end non-public a number of objects at all times on my desk. I non-public this ravishing exiguous card that any individual who I weird and wonderful to work with gave me that fair says, “That you can maybe maybe also be the shit.” It’s a exiguous reminder to end motivated.

Alyssa's desk

What’s the principle direct you finish in case you win to work every morning?

I strive to win tea, but that doesn’t at all times happen. I’ll typically scan my emails, and if someone desires my attention someplace else, I soar correct in.

What’s the principle direct you finish to relax in case you win dwelling every night?

In point of fact, as a result of I non-public a exiguous one below one, I fair crumple on the sofa as soon as my daughter goes to bed. I esteem cooking presentations, esteem Chef’s Desk and The Enormous British Baking Account for. I went to culinary school before the entirety, and I grew up with my mom’s cooking. She’s Korean, so she was at all times making exciting things, and I loved watching her. My husband and I went vegan nine years in the past, and I esteem attempting to recreate our extinct authorized meals. If I did not crumple on the sofa every night, I’d cook dinner and experiment. Beautiful now, I fair win whatever is quickest or whatever is soft ample for my daughter to expend, too.

Any hobbies or secret abilities?

I recall to chase. Beautiful now, my husband and I are attempting to figure out the principle blueprint that we’re going to recall our daughter internationally. We’re being very choosy about what our daughter’s first trip desires to be, even supposing it almost definitely won’t be for one other couple of years and he or she almost definitely won’t recall it, anyway. It fair feels significant. The tip contenders correct now are Berlin, as a result of I was born in Germany and the metropolis is presupposed to non-public very fair correct vegan food, or Barcelona, as a result of my husband grew up in Spain but has by no formulation been, so it’d be an opportunity to explore a brand unique metropolis and visit alongside with his family.

Alyssa and her husband eating noodles

Alyssa and her husband at her mom’s friend’s restaurant in South Korea.

What’s the final movie you observed in theaters?

Deadpool 2. I was pregnant, and it was days before I gave delivery. No longer the most refined, but Ryan Reynolds is pleasurable.

In case you didn’t work in digital marketing, what would which that you just may per chance maybe maybe also be alive to to total?

I would work on the front strains in a non-earnings. I weird and wonderful to work for an anti-human trafficking group, and it became my total life. I was a downer at events when folks asked what I did and I launched into the human trafficking going on so end to us. However it is miles a ardour of mine, and I easy fair attend gravitating in opposition to being an recommend. If I were to total something else or after I retire, I’d are alive to to be on the front strains and push the needle in a significant formulation.

Céillie Clark-Keane

Céillie Clark-Keane

Céillie is the managing editor of the WordStream blog.